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Rising Sun: Memory 3
Memory 3: "Road Trippin'"
June 17, 1852 at a post station east of Nagoya, Japan
"So, what do you think of Nippon?" Tsume asked Joseph in Japanese.
Over the last few months, the two had been learning each other's languages. Joseph was at the point where he could understand Japanese well enough when it was around him.
"It is useful, I'm trying to get used to everything yet. How will anyone see me nervous me," but he still couldn't speak it very well.
Head shaking, Tsume grinned, "Say it in English."
He couldn't be entirely critical of Joseph's Japanese. Tsume was trying to learn English himself. He just wasn't making as much progress as he would like. At this point, it was easier for them to just speak in their native tongues.
"Well, it helps that the girls are pretty and the cities are clean."
Tsume blushed with pride but lowered his head with shame, "I guess. I have never seen any other kind of women."
"Maybe someday you'll get to travel around the world."
"Yeah, that would be great."
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Rising Sun: Memory 2
Memory 2: "Penny Pincher"
September 15, 2012 in Italy
After how abruptly yesterday's animus session had ended, I was a bit reluctant for whatever today had for me. I had gotten so used to playing around with someone else's genetic memories that I didn't really want to see my own again. I wasn't sure what was so important about this Tsume kid, but I didn't really want to find out anymore.
Then someone who wasn't Dr Fletcher stepped into my Animus room with an Abstergo Industries coffee mug in hand. He was dressed like Fletcher: lab coat to his knees and most of a suit underneath. His beard was white as snow if the snow were half made of ash. He tried to smile warmly, but it didn't feel warm so much as it felt hot. It was difficult to place whether he felt angry or annoyed or if he just wanted to burn me with some kind of Hellvision. Whatever it was, we were already at a point where nothing about this guy felt like good news.
"Good morning Mr Marshall. My name is Dr Vidic, Warren Vidic,"
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Assassin's Creed: Rising Sun: Memory 1
Memory 1: "Guards! Guards!"
March 13, 1852 in Edo (Modern-day Tokyo), Japan
"You do not need this," the boy muttered to himself as he gingerly cut the mon from the string, "My family needs this."
Amongst a crowd of this size, the boy was free to cut away so long as he moved slowly. The boy did not know why a crowd of this size had gathered in Edo square this morning, nor did he care.
The man from whom he was stealing was not a rich man, or at least did not bear the appearance of one. He was clearly a dumb man to carry his coin string on his side like he did. "Take us," the money beckoned in its jingly whisper, "and your family will eat tonight."
Finally free and without the dumb man's attention, the mon slid from the string and into the boy's hand. A hand seized the boy's arm, and the coins fell to the ground. "Hey! What do you think you're doing, kid?" a man from the crowd yelled. He pushed attention from the dumb man, "Hey! This kid was trying to steal your money!"
The dumb man felt
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Far Enough Away
This last time said it all.
My words are drained
My pencil is out of lead.
All that's left are these pictures
And the feelings for you I shed.
As the night clouds spread across the sky
I know deep down you were never mine
I feel it coming. It's time for us to fly
Far enough away
Until I see no sign
Of you or who you were
I will not forget our time
And I hope you won't
I tried to be your friend
I was good in your life,
But you had to have it end
You never understood that I gave it all for you.
But the night is ending. The day is born anew.
I do not look back again. I fly into the blue.
Far enough away
Until I see no sign
Of you or who you were
I need to forget our time
For you, my heart feels nothing.
A thing I used to fear.
But I cannot leave. You know that.
Too much of me is here.
Far enough away
Until I see no sign
Of you or who you were
I have forgotten our time
This last time said it all.
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Prowler :iconevilgoodguy:Evilgoodguy 3 1
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Mark of the Heretic :iconevilgoodguy:Evilgoodguy 1 5
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New Delhi city streets, circa 1859 :iconmichaeldaviniart:michaeldaviniart 28 0 Lookout over New Delhi, circa 1859 :iconmichaeldaviniart:michaeldaviniart 18 1 commission: Coot, Astrid, Bondi and Solli :icon4steex:4steex 254 34 The Watcher 2 - dheean :icondheean:dheean 24 16 Battle of Shiroyama :iconnickkalinin:NickKalinin 23 1 Second Star :iconrebelxsiguy:RebelXSIGuy 5 2 Nephenee \Fire Emblem :iconreysilver:ReySilver 10 0 Shogun Empire environment :iconisotxart:ISOTXART 22 0 Arctic Tyrant (Nanuqsaurus hoglundi) :iconmicrocosmicecology:MicrocosmicEcology 656 111 Morte D'Arthur :iconj-humphries:J-Humphries 231 14 Duel :iconkrychu84:krychu84 606 68 aphrodite9 dragons dinosaurs and cyborgs oh my! :iconnebezial:nebezial 5,290 229 Shining Heaven Amaterasu :iconandantonius:Andantonius 477 32 turkey-rex XD :iconnebezial:nebezial 5,102 389 commission - Tsume :iconuniesque:UNIesque 5 10 Assassin's Creed Unity Banner :iconbrilcrist:Brilcrist 2,839 152


I haven't been seriously writing in forever, but here I am doing it again. Difference is that now, I'm finally getting past the first chapter.
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Jarred Tackett
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